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Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

Workplace Conflict Resolution and De-escalation Strategies Training Program

Act First Safety’s Workplace Conflict Resolution and De-escalation Strategies training program empowers workers, supervisors and managers to recognize and resolve work-related conflict.  In addition, we will train you how to create an environment that reduces the potential of conflict before it happens.

Our training has been designed specifically to address conflict in the workplace.  Professional safety instructors use proven training techniques and demonstrations to clearly show you how to de-escalate conflict and turn negative situations into positive outcomes.

Do You Need Conflict Resolution Training?

Every workplace experiences conflict.  It may result from differences between co-workers, disrespect, harassment, bullying, frustration, personality differences, mental health issues, angry customers/clients or many other reasons.

Whatever the cause, conflict can cause serious harm. It can damage productivity, working relationships, customer service and even your corporate image.  In its most extreme, conflict can lead to violence and personal injury.

Conflict resolution training gives managers, supervisors and workers the knowledge and skills they need to minimize the potential for workplace conflict and to de-escalate conflict before it turns into violence.

What You Will Learn

  • To understand workplace conflict and its leading causes
  • The scope of conflict from verbal discord to violence regardless of the source
  • The negative impacts resulting from workplace conflict
  • Legislation related to workplace conflict; an employer’s responsibilities
  • The purpose of conflict resolution and desired outcomes
  • The importance of prevention — what can be done to avoid conflict before it happens
  • How to recognize the early signs of emerging conflict
  • Methods, tools and techniques for controlling conflict and violence
  • How to de-escalate conflict situations, relieve tension and defuse hostilities
  • How to foster respectful relationships
  • Why documentation of occurrences of conflict is important

Who Should Attend

  • All workers especially those interacting with the public
  • Front-line workers and security personnel
  • Health and Safety Representatives
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Members
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Human Resources

7.5 hours to complete this classroom training

Flexible Training Options
Onsite Classroom –
Instructor-led courses presented to employees in your workplace.  Training can be scheduled for a time that is convenient for you

Public Sessions – Public classroom events also available

Please contact our office for further details on Workplace Conflict Resolution and De-escalation Strategies Training