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Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness Training

NEW! Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness

All employers in Ontario are required to train supervisors according to the new Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Regulation (O. Reg. 297/13) of the OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act), which comes into force on July 1, 2014.
Training is required once, however, workers and employers must provide evidence of successful completion of the training. Online training provides the advantage of access to training records and proof of completion at any time at exceptionally low prices. Supervisors must receive this training within a week of initiating their role as a supervisor.
Supervisors require an introduction to their requirements and responsibilities in the workplace in order to properly understand and carry out their roles efficiently. This course will address the legal requirements and responsibilities for supervisors working in Ontario. It will also cover the identification of workplace hazards, and where assistance is available for supervisors.

It will teach you:
• The importance of the supervisor
• Legal duties outlined in the Act
• How to support workers’ rights

Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness Course Objectives:
Every effort will be made to ensure that the objectives of the course will appeal to the most diverse audience possible. Given the right information, you will be able to put into practice the various learning objectives we will discuss in this course.

At the conclusion of this course, you will know:
• How to identify the importance of the supervisor
• How to recognize legal duties outlined in the Act
• How to support workers’ rights
• Common workplace hazards
• Where to obtain assistance
• How to lead others in safety practices

Who should take this course?
• Supervisors in Ontario in construction and general industry
• Business owners
• Managers

Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness Course Outline:
1. The Importance of the Supervisor
• Identify the importance of a supervisor
• Roles a supervisor plays
• Duties of workplace parties

2. Working within the Internal Responsibility System
• Internal Responsibility System
• Communication
• Support
• Rights
• Bilateral work stoppage

3. Hazards in the workplace
• Common hazards
• Responsibilities and hazards
• Dealing with Hazards-RACE
• Monitoring work
• Enforcement
• Safety concerns
• Responding to events

4. Obtaining Assistance
• Training the supervisor
• Assisting the supervisor
• Health and safety solutions

5. Motivating and Leading Others
• Safety is a behavior
• Safety motivation
• Safety leadership
• Communicate effectively
• Communication and discipline
• Set high standards
• Employee involvement
• Supervisor practices

6. Course summary and test

Note: This Instructor led program is also available in an online/eLearning format!

Please contact our office for further details on Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness training.