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Workplace Violence & Harassment

The PrepareTraining® program is an adaptable and expansive curriculum that can be customized to meet the evolving needs of any work environment. With a core philosophy of Respect, Service, and Safety at Work ®, the program offers proactive solutions so organizations can count on confident, well-trained employees who respond consistently and effectively to a variety of challenging situations. Any workplace environment facing difficult or disruptive customers, employees, or visitors will benefit from this unique Workplace Violence Prevention Training program.

The Foundation Course introduces the key components of the program. Participants acquire the skills to effectively respond to anxious, irrational, angry, hostile, or potentially dangerous behavior, and minimize the negative impact of challenging encounters. Participants will:

  • Learn how crisis situations evolve and develop.
  • Examine the issues that impact Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®.
  • Explore the nonverbal and verbal elements of communication that can impact a crisis situation.
  • Practice de-escalation strategies.
  • Learn how to set limits with individuals who are verbally aggressive and noncompliant.
  • Understand the reciprocal relationship between one’s own behavior and the behavior of others.
  • Develop coping mechanisms that can help maintain professionalism during confrontations.
  • Explore ways to learn from crisis situations and improve future interventions.

Issue-Specific Elective Modules

Participants in the Issue-Specific Elective Modules must first complete the Foundation Course. These modules allow more in-depth customization to address the unique needs of employees and the evolving issues of the organization. Designed to be taught in two-to-three-hour segments, these information-packed modules are continually updated to address a variety of issues for identified employee groups.

The current library of Elective Modules includes:

  • Giving Bad News
  • Setting Effective Limits
  • After the Crisis: Employee Debriefing Strategies
  • Negotiating Your Way Through Conflict
  • How to Document Incidents
  • Crisis Response Teams
  • Domestic Violence and Its Impact on Today’s Workplace
  • Under the Influence and Out of Control
  • Opening the Lines of Electronic Communication

Who Should Attend

All workers, managers and supervisors at every level including human resource professionals, health and safety representatives, union representatives, facility managers and more.


The potential of workplace violence and its related forms like harassment and bullying is widespread. Below are just a few affected industry sector examples:

  • Security
  • Health Care
  • Transportation including Shipping and Receiving
  • Banking and Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Social Services

The risk of workplace violence is greater in jobs that involve:

  • handling cash
  • protecting or securing valuables
  • transporting people and goods
  • a mobile workplace (such as a vehicle)
  • public or community contact
  • working with unstable or volatile people
  • working alone, or with just a few people
  • working late nights or very early mornings
  • working in a high-risk geographic location
  • working in a ‘toxic’ workplace


The PrepareTraining® program for workplace violence prevention benefits the entire organization by:

  • Empowering employees to apply training concepts realistically to their work environment.
  • Assessing ongoing and changing needs and risk areas.
  • Offering issue-specific content that builds upon previously established foundation concepts.
  • Promoting utilization of relevant policies and procedures.


Act First Safety is the exclusive independent Canadian provider of the PrepareTraining® program for workplace violence prevention an internationally recognized and delivered program in behaviour management training as it applies to crisis prevention and intervention. The effectiveness of this leading-edge program is well-documented and supported in literature for over 20 years. The program continues to evolve as research and collaboration with experts in the field of workplace violence prevention develops.

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