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Act First Safety Online Workplace Violence and Harassment Training Program

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Workplace Violence and Harassment Online Training Program – Bill 168

Update:  September 2016!! 

Effective September 8, 2016, Bill 132, Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan sets out new duties for employers to define and understand sexual harassment, consult with the JHSC to develop a harassment program, clearly define reporting requirements, and document annual program reviews.

The complete Ministry of Labour Code of Practice to address Workplace Violence and Harassment can be accessed here.

Our Workplace Violence and Harassment course has been updated to cover all new and updated legislation being introduced with Bill 132, and includes a review of existing requirements of an effective violence and harassment, policy and program.

Everyone in an organization is required to abide by policies relating to workplace violence and harassment. This would include

  • workers,
  • frontline supervisors,
  • managers and
  • program administrators.

This course will introduce and define terms associated with workplace violence and harassment. Employers will be shown the necessary structure and elements of a Workplace Violence and Harassment program. It will also set out what workers need to understand about how to identify, report on and control undesirable behaviours in the workplace.


  • Definitions
  • Elements of a Typical Violence Program
  • Control Methods
  • Procedures

View an Online WVP Training demo.

Most provinces have specific Regulations requiring hazard assessments, policy creation and training of employees for preventing workplace violence. Some provinces (e.g. Nova Scotia, Saskatechewan) only require this “if necessary”, or “as required” or similar wording. Manitoba’s are most recent, effective August 31, 2011.

However even if the Health and Safety Regulations are silent either on workplace violence (e.g. New Brunswick, Quebec), or harassment (Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia) this will not stop the authorities coming down hard on an employer following an incident under their ‘General Duties of Employers’ clauses. Training employees using this course should be an effective Due Diligence defense against such charges. For more information on due diligence please refer to our course on this topic.