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Unidentified hazards and poorly conducted inspections can lead to catastrophic losses in your workplace.

An inspection is a planned walkthrough of a workplace or worksite designed to help the workplace meet compliance with the law; and more importantly allow for the identification and control of any factors that can cause injury or illness.  Routine inspections are therefore a critical component of a good accident, occupational disease and fire prevention program.

This program will assist managers, supervisors, committee members and health and safety representatives in performing effective inspections.  The purpose of the inspection is to determine if hazards are present, if workers have been or are likely to be exposed to hazards, if anyone has been injured as a result of the exposure; and whether or not safe working procedures are being followed by workers.

An inspection procedure has four components; preparation, inspection, reporting and follow-up.  This online course will take participants through these fundamental components and will provide a solid foundation for recognizing, assessing and controlling identified workplace hazards.

Course Objectives

Every effort will be made to ensure the objectives of the course will appeal to the most diverse audience possible. Where feasible the course will apply to numerous applications. Following the completion of this course, the student will be able to better understand the process of inspections and some of the specific steps to follow to ensure that inspections are carried out in the workplace

Upon completion of this course the learner should be able to:

  • Understand the legislation regarding workplace inspections
  • Plan and prepare for an effective inspection
  • Identify hazardous conditions within the workplace
  • Report and make recommendations regarding identified hazards

Follow up on the effectiveness of completed recommendations

Course Modules

Inspection Basics

  • Types of inspections
  • The why and who of inspections
  • How frequent inspections should be done
  • What is the activity of an inspection?
  • What is the outcome?
  • Module review and quiz

Pre-inspection activity

  • Exercise
  • Plan the inspection route
  • Delegate team members
  • Obtain supplies
  • Familiarize yourself with the inspection checklist
  • Diagram or floor plan
  • Review information from previous inspection reports
  • Meet with supervisors prior to inspection
  • Gather information from management
  • Allow ample time for the inspection
  • Module review and quiz

Performing the inspection

  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in areas where applicable
  • Remain objective and make uninfluenced observations
  • Previous documentation by inspection teams will assist in current work inspections
  • Identify substandard actions and practices, your role is not to enforce and discipline
  • Clearly describe each hazard and its exact location
  • Draw attention to the presence of any immediate danger and take appropriate action
  • While inspecting equipment, ask operator to demonstrate if you are unfamiliar
  • Ask questions but do not unnecessarily disrupt work activities
  • Observe static (stop position) and dynamic (in motion) conditions of the item you are inspecting
  • If you are unable to clearly describe a particular situation take a photograph or draw a sketch
  • Look for new equipment, new workers, new processes, new products that may have been introduced to the workplace
  • Sample issues
  • Sample areas for inspection
  • Module review and quiz

Post inspection activity

  • Upon completion of the inspection
  • The Inspection Report

Module review and quiz


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