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Act First Safety Online Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Awareness Training Program

REGISTRATION – Individual cost of this H2S/Hydrogen Sulfide program is only $49.00. There are several ways to register:

Option 1 – All customers/companies interested in setting up a customized learning management system (LMS) for their business, should call us direct to REGISTER(as discounts may apply).  Note: there is NO additional charge for the LMS setup. Call 416-283-7233 (local GTA) or Canada-wide toll free at 1-855-260-7233 to register.


Option 2 – For individuals that would like immediate registration, use the convenient online shopping cart by selecting the adjacent icon (or call us and we’ll get you registered), then enjoy your programs!  Thank you.

H2S / Hydrogen Sulfide Training Program

H2S gas is present during oil and gas exploration but can also be found in the pulp and paper industry, sewage and treatment facilities, landfills and in farming operations where manure is stored. Inhaling even the smallest concentration of H2S gas will have an immediate effect on the human body; inhaling high concentrations of this gas is fatal. Therefore it makes sense that every worker who may be exposed to this gas must first know where it is commonly found, how it can be detected through continuous monitoring and most importantly, emergency action steps required to stay alive in the presence of H2S.

Our Online H2S awareness course will benefit users that need to know about H2S and serves as an excellent resource for people whose companies support the Oil and Gas Industry. Participants are advised to speak to their employer if they have any question as to what level of H2S training they may require and if the H2S Awareness program will be sufficient for their purposes. Upon successful completion, a certificate will be issued automatically.


  • Hydrogen Sulphide: It’s a Killer
  • Hazard Detection & Exposure Limits: How much is too much?
  • Hydrogen Sulphide in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Personal Protective Measures
  • Contingency Plans & Rescue Response including First Aid
  • Safe Job Procedures

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Please contact our office for further details on HYDROGEN SULPHIDE (H2S) training.