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Act First Safety Online Dental WHMIS Training Program

REGISTRATION – Individual cost of this Dental WHMIS / WHMIS for Healthcare program is only $35.00. There are several ways to register…

Option 1 – All customers/companies interested in setting up a customized learning management system (LMS) for their business, should call us direct to REGISTER(as discounts may apply). Note: there is NO additional charge for the LMS setup. Call 416-283-7233 (local GTA) or Canada-wide toll free at 1-855-260-7233 to register.


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When it is not possible or convenient to schedule an instructor-led WHMIS program, the flexibility of an online program is ideal. This online WHMIS program is also an excellent option for healthcare workers and dental professionals looking to refresh their training. The content of this program addresses the needs of employers to be compliant with WHMIS legislation. In addition, it has been tailored to the specific needs of workers in a healthcare environment.

Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS)

Mishandling of hazardous materials can have disastrous consequences. At work, at school, in the places you do business and at home. Knowing what you are dealing with, how to minimize exposure, and how to respond when the unthinkable happens can drastically reduce the potentially life-altering consequences of an encounter with hazardous materials.

The intent of this online training program is to provide WHMIS certification, but more importantly, it provides participants the foundation for using knowledge to prevent accidental and long-term exposure to the harmful effects of hazardous workplace materials. Upon successful completion, a certificate will be issued automatically.


      • Introduction
      • Basic Worker Rights
      • Symbols
      • Labels
      • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
      • Exposure to Hazardous Materials

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Federal Legislation

In Canada, an employer shall ensure that workers who work with a controlled product or are in close proximity to a controlled product is informed about all hazard information received from a supplier concerning the controlled products, as well as any further hazard information of which the employer is aware or ought to be aware of concerning the use, storage and handing of that controlled product.

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