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Our quality online training puts the ‘eeeasy’ into learning conveniently from your home or office. Evaluated on the ease of use and expert subject matter our online training programs continue to satisfy small and large corporations and individuals again and again. Affordable too!

Please ‘click‘ on any of the training links below for more information about that specific Online / eLearning training program.   Its easy – call us to register or use the ‘shopping cart’ to process your request.

With the increased demands faced by organizations today, the interest in online or e-learning grows more than ever. Motivated to save time and money, online training is worth investigating for companies of all sizes.While online learning has many advantages it cannot replace a well-delivered training program by a competent, enthusiastic instructor. It is important to consider the abilities of your audience and the advantages and disadvantages of each form of educational delivery when making training decisions for your workers. We welcome your inquiries on the subject.Call us to register – its easy and we’ll have you up and training in minutes.  Call us at 416-283-7233 (local GTA) or Toll Free at 1-855-260-7233 to register or contact us for further information about these programs.

For Companies(big or small) that would like to purchase our Online Training and manage/administer their trainee’s, we’ll customize your own Learning Management System – FREE, and show you how easy it is to use.

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Our courses offer the following benefits:

Reduced Overall Cost: Eliminates the additional costs associated with transportation, salaried time, room rentals and more. This is the single most influential factor in the adoption of e-learning opportunities.
Reduced Time: The average amount of time spent compared to traditional classroom formats is dropped by 30 to 60 percent. This is the second most influential factor in adoption of e-learning opportunities.
Convenience: This format enables trainees reduced interruption in the flow of a workday or the opportunity to participate in off-hours or from home. Programming is available 24/7. It is easy to schedule.
Self-Paced: Learners progress at their own speed which reduces stress, enhances the learning experience and increases overall satisfaction.
Improved Retention Rates: Combined with all the other benefits, retention rates for online learning formats demonstrate an improvement of at least 20 percent (Multimedia Review, 1991, Millbank, 1994 and others).
Consistent Program Delivery: All participants receive the same content with the option to refer to the material as often as required. Content is distributed in smaller, more manageable units.
Combines Learning Styles: To accommodate the range of learning styles of participants, visual, audio, a variety of learning activities and more are incorporated into program formats.
Accessible: Available to a dispersed audience regardless of location.
Portability: Various technological means are available.
Tracking: A Learning Management System automatically tracks individual progress.
Proof of Completion: Individual program results are recorded automatically and certificates issued.

Please contact our office for further details on our Online training.