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Recent Updates to the Ontario Fire Code relating to Lift Trucks

Recent changes were made to the Ontario Fire code that took affectNovember 27, 2007.

  1. As it relates to Fuel-fired industrial trucks – Section states that “Each fuel-fired industrial truck shall be equipped with at least one portable extinguisher having a minimum rating of 2A:30B:C”. The previous code( allowed for a minimum of a 5BC rated portable extinguisher.
  2. As it relates to Battery-powered industrial trucks – Section states that “Battery charging installations for battery-powered industrial trucks shall be equipped with at least one portable extinguisher having a minimum rating of 2A:30B:C”. The previous code( allowed for a minimum of a 10BC rated portable extinguisher.

Previously where CO2 portable extinguishers were used, an upgrade to a higher volume ABC Dry Chemical unit is now required. Many of our customers who have had recent inspections from the Ontario Fire Marshall’s office or local Fire Prevention Officers have reported that they were requested to upgrade these portable extinguishers to meet the minimum Fire Code requirements.

Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Bill 29 First Reading – Bill 29 proposes to amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act to protect workers from harassment and violence in the workplace. FirstReading-Dec1307
  • Workplace Bullying Bullying

Health and Safety

NOTE: Reproduced with the permission of the Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2007

  • Protect Your Back – Doing things as simple as carrying a parcel, driving your car or bending over to tie your shoes can cause you to feel sudden back pain, as if you’ve been stabbed in the back. Your back locks up and you’re immobilized, unable to straighten up or make the slightest movement. In just these few seconds, you have joined the thousands of others who suffer from back pain. Open Link
  • Protect Your Ears – The exposure limits recommended in the Regulations provide reasonable protection for most people. But keep in mind that the less exposed you are to high sound levels, the better it is for your ears. Open Link
  • Protect Your Eyes – Sight is our most precious sense. A large part of our ability to perceive the world around us depends on it. However, our eyes are very delicate organs and can be damaged easily. Every year in Canada, employees sustain serious eye injuries that result in time lost from work. Open Link
  • Protect Your Feet – In spite of the variety and quality of safety shoes available on the market, it is always surprising to see that one out of ten accidents happens to the feet. In many work environments, wearing safety shoes is mandatory given bad ground conditions or poor working conditions. Open Link
  • Protect Your Head – There are many causes of head injuries. In several work places, workers are exposed to falling objects, walk under boards or pipes hanging at the end of a rope, have to crouch down under machines, work under vehicles, etc. Open Link
  • Protect Your Lungs – In the present document, we would like to introduce some basic information regarding respiratory protection devices and how to use them. The majority of the information quoted comes from the Canadian Standards Association standard number CSA Z94.4, entitled Selection, Use and Care of Respirators. Open Link
  • Protect Your Skin – Simply looking at your skin, you wouldn’t think it does anything. To the contrary, it is far from inactive. It is constantly fighting off countless external agents and is highly successful in this task. Open Link

Fire Safety

  • Workplace Fire Protection – IAPA. Bill 29 First Reading
  • Fire Extinguishers – IAPA Fire Extinguishers

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