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Propane Safety

After a recent, nearly fatal food truck explosion in Philadelphia many are questioning the safety of Toronto food trucks.
The dangerous incident which happened on July 2nd in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was caused by a leak in the propane tank on a food truck, serious enough to create vapours that was ignited by cooking grills. A mother and daughter suffered severe burns and eleven others were sent to hospital with minor injuries, reports indicate.
Of the 206 food trucks in Toronto, nearly all of them use propane for cooking. But, the likelihood of a similar incident happening in this city is slim as Toronto food trucks are subject to strict safety standards. It’s mandatory for all operators of mobile food trucks in Ontario, to be trained in the proper storage, handling, connection and disconnection of propane tanks and equipment.
Also, Toronto bylaws stipulate a food-truck operator with a propane heater or grill must have an approved propane certificate to get a licence for the vehicle. The certificate must state the vehicle meets requirements for propane storage, handling and utilization.
Nonetheless, diligence must to exercised at all times as equipment conditions may change such as occurred in the Philadelphia accident.

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