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Act First Safety provide a complete range of quality CSA approved Fall Protection Equipment, Safety Harnesses, Self-retracting Lifelines, and Lanyards. We have access to North and Miller gear, but also promote quality Canadian made products from TRACTEL. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Tractel AC032 Ultra-light Harness

Ultra-light harness with quick connect legs and back 'D' ring. One size. Our price - $74.70

The NEW TracX harness from Tractel, comfort and safety combined.  Available with back, side and front D rings, and either the auto-lock buckle or tongue and buckle legs. (example shown is the AU732-X, back D ring with auto-lock buckle legs)

Tractel AC032 Ultra-light harness, back D ring and quick-connect legs.  Available with tongue and buckle legs and side positioning D rings

Tractel AD732 Versafit harness, back D ring with tongue and buckle legs.  Available with quick-connect legs and side positioning D rings

Tractel EBD95 Construction harness, tool belt, back and side D rings, tongue and buckle legs.

Tractel C1106G Tracpac shock-absorbing lanyard. 6 foot x 1 inch web with 3/4 in. self-locking snap hook at both ends

Tractel WB58 Stopfor rope grab, 5/8 inch Stopfor B rope grab.  Gravity system to prevent upside down installation.  Easy loading anywhere on lifeline.

Tractel RN9Q0 10 foot self-retracting lanyard with cover and autolocking carabiner and 3/4 in swivel self-locking snap hook.

Tractel RT30G Blocfor Self-retracting Lifeline, with galvanized steel wire rope, 30 feet. Available in 20, 50, 75, and 100 foot lengths

Please contact our office for further details on Fall Protection Equipment and Safety Harness Products.