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Edmonton Workplace Shooting Kills Two Injures Four

The families of two fathers, aged 50 and 41 years, are coming to terms with the shocking deaths of their loved ones killed during a violent and bloody stabbing rampage at an Edmonton grocery warehouse on Friday.
Four other people were hurt, with one in stable but serious condition in hospital.
“As can be expected the families are devastated that their loved ones would go to work and then never come home,” said Staff-Sgt. Bill Clark earlier today.
After an extensive man-hunt the attacker, who was also an employee at the warehouse, was arrested.
No motive for the attack has been identified, but the attacker had a history of violence. In a May 2009, he was convicted of threatening to cause death or bodily harm and assault with a weapon.
Every workplace must include workplace violence prevention procedures to ensure the safety of all workers. This includes appropriately communicating the past violent history of employees to fellow workers. Procedures must also include what to do in an emergency including situations that are sometimes shocking and sudden.

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