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Commuter death at Union station raises questions about safety

A 31-year old was involved in a tragic accident at Union Station during the evening rush hour on Tuesday April 28th. According to witnesses and a statement released by the President of GO Transit Greg Percy, Daniel Panacci was waiting for his train on a crowded platform when his backpack became stuck on a moving train, dragging Panacci under the train.
This tragic incident has many worried about the safety of commuters as crowding on GO Station platforms is a common occurrence especially during rush hour.
Anne Marie Aikins, a Metrolinx spokesperson assures that Metrolinx takes safety very seriously.
“We have one of the safest systems in North America with the best safety record. This is a really rare, unusual circumstance to happen,” Aikins said in an article on the CTV News website.
Aikins stresses the importance of adhering to the visible safety markings on station platforms and urges caution during busy crowded times. She also urges passengers to be aware of their surroundings and to be pay attention around moving trains.

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