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Can Being Hungry Make You Hangry?
A recent Ohio State University study investigating the link between hunger to anger, now termed ‘hanger’, and fights between spouses may not seem like a new idea to some.
The study proposed that low blood sugar can makes spouses sensitive or ‘hangry’ a combination of hungry and angry, said Ohio State University psychology researcher Brad Bushman leader author of the study, who was investigating the link between hunger and anger and fights between spouses.
We need glucose for self-control,” said Bushman. “Anger is the emotion that most people have difficulty controlling.”

Signs of Low Blood Sugar:

Sweating Weakness/ Fatigue
Shakiness Dizziness
Rapid Heart Rate Confusion
Anxiety Blurred Vision
Sensation of Hunger Coma & Death

He said there’s a good physical reason to link eating to behaviour. The brain, which is only 2 per cent of the body weight, consumes 20 per cent of our calories.
Bushman said eating a candy bar might be a good idea if spouses are about to discuss something touchy, but that fruits and vegetables as a better long-term strategy for keeping blood sugar levels up.
Psychology researcher Julie Schumacher, who studies domestic violence at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, said it is reasonable to conclude that “low glucose levels might be one factor that contributes to intimate partner violence.”
Others are surprised that it took a study to identify what they already knew. One couple claimed that for 34 years if they started to bicker they would stop and say “let’s eat”. Parents easily claim that they are more irritable with their children when they haven’t eaten for a while. This study may not apply to couples alone.
When it comes to the workplace, it may be reasonable to offer snacks to workers, clients and guests that are available throughout the day to avoid low blood sugar and the irritability that can accompany it.

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